Youth Development Research


Investing in Boys and Young Men of Color: The Promise and Opportunity
Prepared by Rhonda Bryant, Linda Harris, and Kisha Bird Center for Law and Social Policy, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2013

Reducing Youth Incarceration in the United States
Prepared by The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2013

The Federal Role in Out-of-School Learning: After-school, Summer Learning, and Family Involvement as Critical Learning Supports
Prepared by Harvard Family Research Project, 2009

Patient Teenagers?: A Comparison of the Sexual Behavior of Virginity Pledgers and Matched Nonpledgers
Prepared by Janet Elise Rosenbaum, PhD, AM, 2009

Confronting the Glass Ceiling of Youth Engagement
Prepared by Jessica A. Bynoe, Academy for Educational Development, 2008

Out with the Young and in with the Old: US Labor Markets 2000-2008 and the Case for an Immediate Jobs Creation Program for Teens and Young Adults
Prepared by Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, 2008

Myths about Violent Video Games and Children
Prepared by Grand Theft Childhood, 2008

Family Rejection as a Predictor of Negative Health Outcomes in White and Latino Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young Adults
Prepared by Caitlin Ryan, PhD, ACSW, 2008

The Historically Low Summer and Year Round 2008 Teen Employment Rate: The Case for An Immediate National Public Policy Response to Create Jobs for the Nation’s Youth
Prepared by Prepared by Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, 2008

Current Generation Youth Programs: What Works, What Doesn’t and at What Cost?
Prepared by RAND Education, 2008

Generation of Change: Young People and Culture
Prepared by UNFPA State of World Population, 2008

Community Programs to Promote Youth Development (Free Executive Summary)
Prepared by Committee on Community-level Programs for Youth, 2007

Adding It Up: A Guide for Mapping Public Resources for Children, Youth and Families
Prepared by The Forum for Youth Investment and The Finance Project, 2006

Negotiating Among Opportunity and Constraint: The Participation of Young People in Out-of-School Time Activities
Prepared by Chapin Hill: Center for Children at the University of Chicago, 2006

Community Based Youth Leadership: A Pathway to Civic Engagement
Prepared by Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development, 2005

Focusing Juvenile Justice on Positive Youth Development
Prepared by Chapin Hill: Center for Children at the University of Chicago, 2005

Increasing Student Voice and Moving Toward Youth Leadership
Prepared by Dana Mitra, PhD, 2006

Media Violence Research and Youth Violence Data: Why Do They Conflict?
Prepared by Cheryl K. Olson, M.P.H., S.D., 2004

Lessons in Leadership: How Young People Change their Communities and Themselves
Prepared by Social Policy Research Associates for the Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development, 2003

Tapping Youth as Agents for Change: Evaluation of a Peer Leadership HIV/AIDS Intervention
Prepared by Health Resources in Action, 2002

BEST Strengthens Youth Worker Practice: An Evaluation of Building Exemplary Systems for Training Youth Workers
Prepared by Center for School and Community Services, Academy for Educational Development, 2002

Broadening the Bounds of Youth Development: Youth as Engaged Citizens
Prepared by the Ford Foundation: The Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development, 2001

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